Well Production Data in Montague County

EOG wells Welsh Unit 1H and Wales Unit 1H and 2H in Montague County Texas - District 9. My understanding is these wells came in in October of 2011. Does anyone know the production data to date and when the Division Order will be released. It's going on 6 months now. I've looked at the Texas RR website and can't find any information about them. These wells were highlighted on an EOG Investor presentation Nov 2011. Any information would be appreciated.


Welsh is 55,469 MCF and 18,797 Barrels through 12/11. First production to D.O., 10 months maybe?

Thanks, where did you find that and where do I look for Wales Unit 1H and Unit 2H. What does D.O. mean?

D.O. = Division Order :)

The information was from DrillingInfo which gets their data from the Railroad Commission. Nothing was showing for the Wales units. D.O. = Division Order. Time frame is based on the last Division Order I received from EOG.

Ok, thanks for the information. I'm surprised at the 10 months from production to D.O.. I was told by EOG it would be 6 months. This is my first experience and I think my expectations are too high.