Well production activity

Hi, where can I find the latest production amounts in woods county section14- T 26N -16 W ? Midstates Petroleum thanks.


The Oklahoma Tax Site. put your location in the legal boxes.

Thanks… So new at all this. I found the well and when i looked at the page that says production history, it brings up several months with production codes 1 and 5, with gross volume next to it. If 1 is oil, and 5 is gas, how do i read the gross volume number? Example: Production month August, product code 5(gas) gross volume 14970… Is this mcf ? Per month or day? Millions or thousands Product code 1(oil) Gross volume 3183.62… Is that barrels per day? Month?something else? Im trying to get a basic estimate of what this well is doing each day… Thank you.

1 is oil in barrels per month.
5 is mcf per month. Divide by either 31, 30 or 28/29 for the correct month to get a ballpark number.