Well platform

what is the going prize for oil co to built a well platform on your property. our land is in northern Dewitt county. Burlington resources is the operator.

Dear Mr Nuncio,

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered first. Do they have the right to place a surface location on your property? Is only one well going to be drilled? Production Facilities? Road Access? Pipelines?

From my perspective, horizontal drilling has changed some of the playing field for surface owners as well. For example, if you had surface and minerals and were not going to be in an unit, what is reasonable? Existing use, for example is as a hay field. Summer residence 300 yards away. Multiple well platform. Lands not going to be in a unit. Current value -real and perceived - of the property and its diminished value after having producing wells for the next 40 years of so, renders the value pretty meaningless.


Buddy Cotten

thank you, Buddy for your help, this oil and gas stuff is not easy to understand.

also thanking mineral rights forum