Well paid out after going non consent

I’m a working interest owner that non-consented four wells in Midland County with a 300% penalty provision. One of the wells paid out in January and I’m now receiving monthly revenue. My question is, will the monthly revenue continue as long as the well is producing?

Is the 300% penalty provision you mention something you have seen substantiated by Texas statutes, or are you carrying over your knowledge of policies from another state and assuming it applies to your position? I ask because of the screenshot from one page of (upload://fcIHvZzdYeZ0wdDmjbVlgO4Gesz.png) a 2014 paper written by Judon Fambrough which seems to suggest that there is not a 300% penalty.

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If you are truly a working interest owner, then yes, the revenue stream will continue as long as you remain up to date on paying your JIBs.