Well on Harmon School Road


Is there any info about the well on Harmon School Road close to 1697?


Magnolia/Enervest is currently building a drill site on the south side of Harmon School Rd just east of Nixon Lake Road where they have permits to drill two additional horizontal wells in their existing unit called the Liger.

Wildhorse is also finalizing plans to build a drill site that has been surveyed just south of Magnolia’s. WH hasn’t filed permits yet but anticipates drilling three wells there that will each be in separate new unit.

Regarding how the Chesapeake acquisition might impact Wildhorse’s operations, it still has to get stockholder approval and won’t be finalized until sometime in 1st half 2019. For now WH seems to be operating as they had, and I think is considering this as a merger rather than a buy out, but until it’s finalized next year there is no way to know how much, beyond the name changing, that it will effect their operations.


Wildhorse hasn’t filed a completion report or started reporting production numbers yet on their Fincher well that they recently drilled on the south side of Harmon School Rd just west of 1697 but based on the size tank battery they’ve built it looks like they are happy with the results.