Well Naming Conventions

Looking at production reports I see things like Green River 1H, Green River 2H,

and Green River 4 3HT. I believe the Green River refers to the geologic formation.

What is 4 3HT

Thanks in advance for any help

At least in Texas, there is no naming convention. Some companies use themes, such as rivers, mountain ranges, animals, mineral owners, names of relatives, etc for wells within a leasehold area and other companies are more random and simply leave it up to a landman or geologist. When planning wells within a section or unit, a company will reference the first horizontal well as 1H, second as 2H. A 3HR would be 3H replacement well when there was a problem drilling first 3H well. I have not seen a well with T in a name, but it would mean something within the company.


I've seen some wells in Oklahoma with a letter after the H and it would stand for the Geologic Formation such as H for Hoxbar and W for Woodford, Etc.



Clint Liles

These days the H most likely designates a horizontal well. Many Companies include the legal description in the well name as in the NoName 23-37-24-2H, which would be the second horizontal well drilled in Township 23, Range 37, Section 24.