Well info

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API 033-32182 Borden County. Anybody know what's up with this well? It shows to be recently drilled "shut in oil well". What are some of the reasons to shut in a well that appears to have oil present. Maybe not enough oil present to be profitable or what?

GT, I know nothing about that specific well. However, you named the most likely reason for that designation on a newly drilled well. However, searching for any silver lining... "shut in" is better than "plugged and abandoned". Perhaps they've only temporarily shut it in awaiting some other action. Though that may just be wishful thinking.

G.T. first of all welcome to the forum. Since the well is listed as a horizontal well it might just need to be fractured, depends on the water situation in the area. You might try and call the operator of the well that is listed and they would probably tell you what is going on with the well.