Well in Sec-34-7N-4W in McClain County OK

I read on here that the Kroix 1H-34 was completed.I have yet to receive any checks from the operator.Does anyone know the production numbers on this well?I have also received notice from the Corporation Commission that TPR Midcon LLC has filed for increase well density in this section.It says that there are 2 wells expected to produce from the above named common source.And that 3 additional wells requested by the applicant are necessary to drain a common source of supply covered by the drilling and spacing unit established by said order,etc,etc,etc.Anyone with any production numbers I would would appreciate your Respone.You can email me also at soonerdawg2@gmail.com.

With a spud date of 2/26/2018 by TPR Midcon LLC, I wouldn’t expect any reports on production or a well completion report for several months.

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It can take them months after completing just to get a division order out to you so don’t expect any production checks for about another half year.


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Thank you both for your quick responses.