Well flow rate

I’m just curious on how to tell if a well is flowing at full capacity?
We have two wells; one in Burton by GeoSouthern and the other in Greenvine by Verdun.

Without knowing all of the engineering/operating data on the wells (i.e. choke size, flowing pressure, shut-in bottom hole pressure etc) it is impossible to know if it is flowing at full capacity. That being said, Geosouthern and Verdun are generally good/prudent operators so you would have to assume they are flowing the wells at maximum efficient rate, which is in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Maximum efficient rate is the key term. It is not always good to flow a well at its all out full rate. The operator (and the mineral owner) want the best recovery for the reservoir as a whole, so the operator will balance wells to achieve that end.

If there is a compressor on location you can almost bet the well is on a wide open choke. The greatest majority of wells these days are. Especially horizontal wells as they are drilled in “tight” formations with low permeability and low porosity.