Well damaged while nearby well being fraced

Recently, a well nearby to our wells was fraced - our producer was notified before the fracing started and shut in our wells - then our producer was notified that the other operator had finished fracing the nearby well, so ours were brought back online only to find out that the nearby well was NOT finished fracing and damaged our wells. Salt water (I think that was what it was) started coming up, so our wells were shut in again and when the fracing of the nearby well was finished we basically had to start all over with our wells again. We lost about 2 months of production and slowly the wells are coming up to a good production level.

How is this loss recovered. When this happened, oil was over $100 a barrell. We had four wells that were taken out of production when this happened.

I don't know what type of action would be suitable, if any, to recover this loss since the well is back in production and headed back to production level. You could hire an attorney and pay possibly big bucks as this individual would have to gather evidence to prove that the fracking was the problem with your well. The other company will have their attorney's possibly disputing the matter thus ending a somewhat lengthly case whereas the $$ amount for attorney fees mounts. If it were me, I would settle with the fact that the well is back to a good production level and forget the attorney route.