Well Completion

Is anyone familiar with a well/s at Section 01-03 West- 04 South? I think that is the legal description. We have some mineral rights there, and we have been told that there has been drilling activity there in a lease called "Dyess Lease" or some such. Does anyone know whether the well/s were completed? It's been some while since we heard anything. Thanks, Don A. Dyess; Diana, TX.

It's actually in Section 1 of Township 3 South, Range 4 West. You can view the documents filed by the operator, Continental Resources here: http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OGWellRecords.aspx?api=13727173

PM me if you have any desire in selling some of your mineral interest.



Thanks, Dusty.

Hello, Don - I see you're from Diana. I know this should be on the Gregg County board but I do have a question. I have Cotton Valley production very near you. Do you know how close the Haynesville play is to you?

I'm sorry, Ann. I don't have a clue.