Well Completion Report


I’m trying to pull “Completion Report” for TILLMAN BIA 1H-2017X. Does someone have a link where I can pull that information?


I’m trying to learn this new software for the Mineral Rights Forum. Can anyone see my question about Completion Report in Blaine county? Not sure if I’m posting in the correct area!


At this time I see no Completion Report for Tillman B1A 1H-2017X. The link for the approved drilling permit and the spud notification are all that are posted.

Clint Liles


This is a link for finding the approved drilling permit, spud notification, and completion report…

Clint Liles


No report but it has been producing since November. 15K barrels in Nov, 34K in Dec, 21K in Jan, 17K in Feb.


Is this normal for a well to be producing but no Completion Report filed? Thanks for the help!


They are required to submit a report to the OCC within 60 days of completion. That does not mean that it was acceptable to the OCC. And that does not account for the time it sometimes takes the OCC to process it and place it on record.
So to answer your question, it is always producing before the report is filed. How long it is filed and available varies greatly. But usually one it is less time than this one.


170 BO & 6,760 mmcf/day.