Well Classification/Hartley 7-7-7 1XH

Is it not unusual for a well to be classified as an “Oil Well” and produce little to no oil? The Hartley 7-7-7 1XH in Grady County has been active for nearly a year now with only gas production listed, except for 183 barrels of condensate one month. Yet it’s classified with the Okla. Tax Commission as an oil well.

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Randy, it could be that the Oklahoma Tax Commission uses the “Oil” classification as their default. OCC’s Well Browse does not show the well listed as either gas or oil. That could be because a completion report has yet to be filed… or someone at the OCC forgot to enter the completion report into their system. Or some other paperwork that would properly classify the Hartley 7-7-7 1XH as a gas well.

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HARTLEY 7-7-7 1HX Completion Report

Thank you!