Well can't be fracked?

Received a phone called yesterday informing us that a well in Loving county was not drilled properly so it cannot be fracked. An engineer was coming out yesterday to assess the situation. Is this a common situation? Was drilled by a large oil company with supposedly lots of checks and balances.

No, Deniece, this is not a common situation in the Delaware basin west of the Pecos river. Might be they discovered the well bore borders on an earthquake fault and don’t want to risk causing a fault slippage due to their fracking the well.

By the way, the Pecos river follows an earthquake fault known as the Pecos Rift all the way south to join the Rio Grand Rift and the Rio Grand river at Langtry.

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Interesting and thanks for the info. Will have to say I’m a little disappointed . Hoping the well could be salvaged.

What block and section are you in? I have interest in block 76 PSL and they had to actually plug two wells they started on because of a problem with the fault…and they moved over and drilled and the wells were good.

C-27 section 4. A little north and east of Mentone. That’s good news. Thank you.

There are several faults across the Delaware basin that cause issues when drilling a well. There are also challenges that occur while drilling, such has high pressures or equipment being stuck downhole that prevents the operator from completing a well.