Well Activity, Section #74, Block 13, A1879 with Apache

I’m new to the forum. I am wondering a way to check if any permits have been approved for drilling on this area. We have a lease with Apache and were told in January that they would be drilling in a few months but haven’t heard anything since. Articles I have read on-line say there is a slow down with Apache in the permian basin and curious if this affects us. Many thanks for any info!

I don’t see any permits for your section. Very sorry.

Thanks for the info. They called us in January to renew their lease with us and said they would be drilling soon. Since no permits yet, is that something that can change or likely not too? Just curious what the activity in the area is like.

You can check for permits and area activity by using the Texas Railroad Commission GIS-Viewer which is found under On-line Research Queries. Select County as Reeves. Button under Magnifying Glass / Search at top ribbon - select Surveys. You can enter just the Abstract number or the Section and Block. Hit Query and this will take you to Section 74, Block 13. Under “i” / Identity, Hit Wells and then you can hover over well to find information. You can slide in and out to see wells in the area.

I don’t think anybody but the oil company itself can answer your question. In general, there is not a lot of new activity in your area, though Apache does have a new well underway (probably completed by now) that spans Sections 112 and 113 just over a mile to the ENE of your section. They are happy enough with that well that they’ve taken out another permit (in July) for the same sections. That well has not been spudded yet.

I just found out that Apache sold all of their mineral interests in Oklahoma. The Company that bought them is Presidio Petroleum/Morgan Stanley Energy Partners. I think the buyout is great news. Apache hasn’t been focusing on the area at all, whereas, the new partnership will provide far more resources to further enhance and develop it’s interest in this area.