Well #118 Blaine County information


Hello Group, I’m looking for information on the production on well #118 in Section 18-15N-10W in Blaine County. We are trying to find any information on when it was put in and what if any they are getting out of it(oil or natural gas). We would appreciate any information on the well or websites that we can go to too find out this information. Thanks in advance,


I do not see a well named #118 for that section. Is this a new well? What document did you see it on? In general, you can find well information on the Oklahoma Corporation Website under Imaged Documents. Test
I think there will be a well or two going from 19 into 18. I see pending applications.


Mustang still operates the Ring #1-18 well, although it is just a trickle. Chesapeake plugged the
Gooden #1 well.
Continental will probably be drilling some new wells within the next year.


Thanks, all information is helpful.


Kevin- I believe you sold all your minerals a few years ago.


Good Evening Todd.
Yes, the family out here in Washington did sell the mineral rights about 8 months ago but some of us was just wondering what the well or wells were producing and when they were drilled. My advice for anyone not knowing a lot about mineral rights is to take your time and do your homework and verify everything the buyers are telling you. We just had a drop in a bucket but anyone with mineral rights a little or a lot please don’t rush in to anything verify, verify and verify and if it cost you a few dollars it would be money well spent, Thanks Todd for the information.