Weld county s6;t10;r65w

Hi all, posted this yesterday, but cannot find it anywhere and it should be in the Weld Co discussion thread anyway,

My mom and her 2 sisters inherited 160 acres of mineral rights in t10;r65w;sect 6. They were leased by Chesapeake @ 500/acre a couple of years ago. Looking at the COGC website all of the wells seem to be a ways south of there. There are a few wells in surrounding areas - the nearest producing is the 'mousetrap' well in the adjacent NW section. No permits that I could see for drilling close by either. There is a SW to NE dense zone of wells through greely area - but we are a bit north of that.

My question is - does there appear to be any drilling heading that direction. It will be worth seeing what happens when the lease terms expires. We plan on keeping it in a trust and just waiting anyway, as it was inherited.

Any help with understanding more, or communication with people who have nearby property and your experiences/research would be helpful.

Thank you for any input.

I am replying to my own post. Just looking for someone with knowledge of the county and maybe a land man/woman or someone with knowlege of the county and the prospects and developments in mineral exploration there.

Thanks for any input!

This Township is an area of low resistivity. I do not anticipate any drilling to occur in this area anytime soon.

Are you a landperson - or mineral rights owner? Just curious. What is resistivity? Gary H also looked at the engineering and geologicals for this area and said the same thing. Basically - hope they do seismographs or testing of some kind at some point. Probably a long time if ever they would do that. Maybe generations down the road. Maybe if Natural Gas price skyrockets again someone will lease it when the current lease ends in a few years?? Hopefully.

thanks for the input. Much appreciated.