Weld county rights and maybe selling

hello all and thanks for your time! My wife inherited her mineral rights in weld county Colorado several years ago. All of which have been leased. We were recently contacted by a company wanting to purchase the rights from us. My question is what is the price range in the area specifically section 7, 19, and 20. If I need go dig deeper on specific areas I can just not sure what I should and should not put out here in the internet. There is approximately 43.625 mineral acres they want to purchase and we’re not sure what a fair price is or if we should even sell. We’re EXTREMELY uneducated with this sort of thing and all the research I’ve done I figured it would be better to ask the people who know best. Thanks in advanced!

Value could go up in the future and the value could go down in the future for any area in the USA. Price per acre could be as low as a few hundred per acre or could be worth tens of thousands per acre especially in Colorado. In the right area of Weld they are worth little but I have recently bid on minerals in Weld that went for 30K per acre that had like 14 wells on it. No one can help much without knowing section, township and range.

There is no need to be shy about posting legals here, no one can like steal them any easier than if you don't. Anyone can look online and get names, address and legal description in most any state if you have a recent lease or deed recorded, it's already online in detail. Some documents even still have social security number and telephone number on them. Heck Equifax gave out that and more to millions of peoples info for free in their breach. Heck the Russians will probably end up voting for Trump for you in next election.

That is not true at all. Weld county is much different and a lot of areas are not worth that to sell, let alone lease.

As Joe says, there is no risk in posting the legal description. Just because someone knows your address doesn't mean they can steal your house.

Weld County is quite large and there are good areas and poor areas. It is impossible to give you a reasonable answer on what your minerals are worth based only on the Section numbers. We need Section, Township and Range.