Weld county offer

Hello all looking to see if this is a fair offer. We got offered about $56,000 for all of our rights in weld county. Those include Sections 7, 19, and 20 of Township 4 North, Range 61 West and in Morgan County Colorado including rights in Sections 15 and 27of Township 5 North, Range 60 West and from my best guess about 39.6 net Montreal acres in section 19 alone. This was inherited by my wife some time ago and we have limited knowledge on it. Thank you in advanced

Without looking at activity in the vicinity. That looks WAY low. I’m sure others more authoritative will pitch in.

Looks like they are offering $471.86 an acre. My wife inherited 80 is section 7. 20 in section 20. And 19.63 in section 19.

It’s on the edge of the play so 500-3000/acre would be the market rate. Looks like there are a few permits in 7-4N-61W, that could be worth more. It’s all dependent on whether they expand the play out to these other tracts so I’d recommend waiting to see if permits pop up elsewhere.

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