Weld county mineral rights

I have put the legal disc in before an am going off line. We are headed to property but want to contact the Weld Co office that handles rights and the owner of the property. Can anyone get me phone numbers please? Also anything else we should do since we are physically there. Wiggins and Fort Morgan are the closer towns. The property is on the Morgan/ weld co line across the hwy to the north of Empire Resivior. 5157709311 is my cell to text or call. Thank you

We found that one of the three owners of the rights we share from an Inheritance sold his 1/3 without asking the others. He actually tried to exclude one maybe both of the others owners. I was able to provide documentation that I was alive, which was easy. It appears from one of the surface owners that at the time of the sale a company came in and did what they do but it appeared to them that nothing was found or that the location was to wet being next to the river. The surface address’s are 47777 hwy 34 Wiggins CO and 45674 hey 34.