Weld County Mineral Rights


Hello, We have mineral rights approximately 314 Acres in Township 11 North, Range 65 West Section 6. We have leased it for the past 5 years and keep getting offers from company’s to buy from us. I am just wondering if this is a good producing area or if we should sell. We are very happy with the company we are leasing with and we will be renewing our lease around April 2019. So far there is no drilling yet. What is a fair price for that area to lease? Just trying to get all the information I can before its time to renegotiate.

Thank you for any input on this question.


You should take a look at the COGCC website for activity. Many areas are seeing more activity lately and offers to buy often come when production is likely to ensue or is just around the corner. The mapping function at COGCC is the easiest to use. COGCC Mapping


I check the COGCC website all the time. I also call up the company that has the drilling permit to drill on the land where I have mineral rights and get a status report of when they expect to drill. Give them your name and the location where your mineral rights are. The three companies I have dealt with, have always returned my calls and gave me a time frame with the usual caveats about what could delay or speed up a spudding timeframe. The drilling permits are good for two years from the date of their approval. I have been told that prop 97 would not apply to approved drilling permits as long as they are approved. If the permits run out then prop 97 would apply if it passes.


Jay, thank you for the information. Very helpful. Hopefully we can get a call back because I believe it is coming close to 2 years since the date of permit approval.


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