Weld County Leases

I just read an article in the Denver Post that last week Weld County agreed to lease 700+ acres of mineral rights. Some of the bonus payments where pretty substantial. Does anybody know what townships and sections these leases where in?

Bonanza Creek Energy Inc. had a winning bid of $12,550 per mineral acre for 320 acres in Weld, translating to a $4 million bid.

The company also bid $3,000 per acre for another 320 acres, or $960,000.

Finally, Morning Gun Exploration bid $960 per mineral acre for 66.9 acres, or $64,293.

I’d also like to know where these minerals were as well. I’m up for renewing my lease soon. 12 N 66 W.

Bonanza Creek's $12,500/nma lease is in N1/2-14-4N-63W with a 22.5% Royalty 3yr term, lease extension payment of 1/3 the original bonus.

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I would not anticipate getting anything near the Bonanza lease bonus or royalty rate.. both are extremely overvalued. Not to mention Bonanza Creek's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy reorganization plan was just approved by the District Court of Delaware last month. A company with an estimated value between $1.4B and $4.2B but the value of the company as explained in its restructuring support agreement with creditors was listed at only $690M. Looks like the equity holders are being taken for a ride to say the least.

Thank you for the information