Weld County, Lease, Valuation


Thank you again for the professionals who devote their time for our benefit.

This is regarding: T7 R61W S23 &24, Weld County, CO

Our rights were leased via Noble until 2016, with no extension offered. Bison, via Norwood has contacted us with a $250.-, NMA - A Royalty of 18.75% for O&G produced, saved and sold attributable to our NMA - A 4 Year term w/ a 2 year extension at the same bonus rate (but no mention of royalty) and of course a deadline of August 10th :flushed::joy:. I’ve performed research diligence, took a trip using the COGIS* map and gone down each avenue I’d used during our Noble negotiations. My guess is there’s production value in the surrounding range & sections.

Any assistance provided would again be appreciated, this group provided valuable help for my father and I during our first trip into O,G & M land.

Thank You, John

  • Does anyone have issue with the VOGIS map using Safari or is there a trick