Weld county lease offer

I inherited mineral rights and existing wells in Weld county CO and a few years ago we signed a lease with Incline, we have a great lady who reviewed the lease and negotiated 22% for us. We thought all our rights were then leased but are now getting offers to lease a section right by the leased one. We are probably going with Stone Briar Energy, if they say they aren’t already leased can we trust that they did their research? Thanks for any advice.

Hello Amyh37034, I was just approached by Stone Briar to lease Weld CO 8N 61W sect 17 ( previously leased to Noble Energy, but now it seems the lease has expired) Do you mind if i ask what section your referring to?

Ours is not far from that location, I will look tomorrow it’s at my office. They offered us 2k per acre and 20%, I thought that was a decent offer. Our last lease in 2021 we got $1100 acre and 22%.

Mine is section 27 7N 63W in Weld county

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