Weld County Lease Bonus Question


Please let me know if anyone has any info on a bonus for 160 mineral acres in T9N, R61W, Section 2.

Much appreciated!


Here is what Weld county has recently leased their land for in the last 14 months:

5-16-2018 22.5% Royalty 27 10N 60W Rocky Mountain Hydrocarbon, LLC $1,300/acre 320 acres 30 10N 60W Rocky Mountain Hydrocarbon, LLC $1,300/acre 80 acres

2-28-2018 22.5% Royalty 7 10N 61W Verdad DJ North $670/acre 11 10N 61W Verdad DJ North $1,000/acre

7-12-2017 22.5% Royalty 31 9N 60W Broadwing $3,100/acre 31 9N 60W Broadwing $3,000/acre


Robert- where are you getting your bonus information?



Weld county’s web site. They own mineral acres all over the place and put those out to bid. They have a standard contract and they allow companies to bid on the bonus amount. I included the links in the above message, but here is the URL in case they are not working:



Good to know. Thank you Robert.



Please see below for previous and possible future drilling activity for 9N 61W Sec. 2. I am showing production results for a very poorly performing Niobrara HZ well. There are also a couple of abandoned HZ wells in the vicinity. Unfortunately, this severely hurts the mineral value for the immediate surrounding area. However, I highlighted a pad of Codell HZ permits by Morning Gun just to the North of your property. If they end up following through and drilling a well, your property value could change dramatically. If it is a good well, then your property value will go up. If they drill a poor well, your property will lose a lot of the value that is left since the Codell is the only probable target remaining from what has been drilled (outside of the possibility of drilling a Lyons 4-way closure). Keep this in mind when deciding to lease and agreeing upon a price. There is risk either way.

I hope this information helps!