Weld County Colorado, Wolf resources questions

We are in sec 17 in Weld county near Hudson, Wolf resources has recently contacted us about 15 acres we have the mineral rights on. We have not heard of or dealt with this company and just wondered if anyone can give us a quick review on them if you have dealt with them.



Weld County will be under development for oil using newly developed technology for many decades. Wolf may or may not be involved in your property for very long. Of greatest importance to you is making sure you get paid a fair price relative to the geologic potential of your acreage, the actual amount of acreage you control, and your personal preferences as the owner. At the time of payment for a lease or deed, everybody's money is the same. Neither deeds or leases require the future commitment of the buyer or lessee; only the seller/lessor. Protect yourself.

Gary L Hutchinson

Thank you both for the help. the more I try and learn about these things the more it seems I don't know.