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looking for advice on what others have been offered for their mineral land purchase

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Greetings, I’m a little off base for Weld, but own rights in S. Morgan and NE Adams cos. That would make Morgan co. separating us. There has always been some activity in the Tx panhandle where I live, so I have some working knowledge and experience of the processes, and pitfalls, that i would be glad to share in exchange for info of my Colo. area. Thanks, Mike

You got it Mike…I will be glad to share my research and help in any way…Thomas

Hi: I researching a Oil and gas lease term sheet in Weld County T6N R61 W of the 6th P.M I am being offered $500/arce bonus 7 yr term - paid up 1/6 Royalty This is less then Mr. Mullins, however I do not have any more information on the property. I am looking for some advice or a reference to a real estate/mineral rights attorney in Weld. Thanks


I have mineral rights in the east 1/2 of section 8, T11, R59 in Weld County. Has anyone nearby leased and for how much?



I know it is a little late but I just came across your post, but did they offer you that to buy your mineral rights? If so, that is low. I hope this post isn’t too late…

if you have any questions on leases you should contact an attorney in Centennial named Gene Burke (303) 793-3133 he is doing a lot of lease work and knows all the oil company procedures and what they are paying all over Colorado

Hi all!

I am wondering how to get my mineral rights outside of Sterling,CO leased out. I am also curious as to any activity (O&G) in the area. Anyone have suggestions?

Thanks, D

There are two pending permits on 11N 57W Section 6. My leased out rights sit on the north 1/2. These two permits are just south of the 1/2 “line”. Does anybody know if I have a prayer of getting any royalties from these wells if they produce? Or do the wells have to be right on top of the rights?

Also, pleae feel free to join the ongoing discussion I started for Weld County last year. CM

Wells don’t have to be on top of your mineral rights as long as the whole 640 acre section is drilled by Fracking, each mineral owner in the entire section gets their portion according to % owned.

Hi All,

I don’t know if anyone can help me out here, or can answer a question. But my family and I have several small acreages scattered around Weld County that we might want to sell. Most of them are 1/4 sections. Some are leased, but have not been drilled yet. Any idea of a reasonable price to sell these acreages? Thank you for your input.


Thomas, don’t think your quite correct " each mineral owner in the entire section gets their portion according to % owned"

My section has 4 seperate owners w/160 acre each. Section has 32 wells and I only get royalties on 13. Believe it depends on the vicinity of the well in regards to property lines, at least thats the way it is where we are.

Does anyone have information about the uranium field in weld about 16 miles north of Greeley? I think it’s called the Centennial field. I’ve been wondering if that has anything to do with the purchase (not lease) offers several of us have been receiving–The last one 5 times higher than the previous seems to indicate something is happening.

This might be of intrest?



For more information about the Niobrara Play in Weld Co. and in the DJ Basin I invite you to check out my new blog NiobraraNews.net. It compliments info here (with reciprocal links) in the Mineral Rights Forum, but focuses specifically on the Niobrara. Many diagrams and Q&A answered about Geology and Drilling specific to the Niobrara Shale.

So this is probably a pretty basic question. We have two companies offering to lease our minerals in two sections in Weld County. One company has leased most of those sections and has an approved drilling permit in each section. However, the higher offer is from a different company. Is there any problem we would risk if we leased to the company that does not have the drilling permits? How do they get paid? Do they take a portion of our payment? Would they hold up our royalty payment if they can’t work out an agreement with the company who has the well?

Are you sure they have a approved drilling permit when they don’t even have the lease on the property? I think I would investigate a bit further on that.

We get royalties from Anadarko, Encana and on 2 adjoining sections, no problems.

I have mentioned before, I would negotiate the royalty % more than the one time acreage payment, royalty is monthly for a long time. One decent well will pay more than the acreage payment total in a couple of months and on.