Weld county,Co-oil and gas discussion

My sister and I have mineral rights in Kit Carson County, Co. My questio is similar. Do we have to have an attorney in Colorado to update deed or can my Attorney in Oklahoma or hers in Alabama do this?

probably better to have a Colorado attorney do the work, and probably cost less

call Gene burk (303) 793-3133 he is an experienced O & G attorney

Thanks Joe!

Gene Burk is looking over our lease right now. He seems like a good guy, he also sounds very competent. He is older too, not sure how old, but at least his seat at the bar exam has cooled.

Yes, he has been to the circus and seen the clowns.

Good guy, reasonable fees and he does not forget who he represents.

I am trying to break into the excavation and well site development, does anyone have a good contact with oil companies to get my foot in the door?