Weld County/Bison Oil

HI, I'm looking for some advice on some mineral rights I didn't know I owned until a few days ago. My siblings and I ( there are 5 of us) have been approached by Bison Oil. They informed us of our ownership and have asked to lease the mineral rights. The mineral rights are in Weld County, Colorado:

Township 8 North, Range 59 West, 6th P.M.

Section 30: NE, E2SE

The forms that have been sent to us show "240 acres, more or less"

They are offering 1000 per net acre and would like to lease 1.3334 net mineral acres.

This is all Greek to me. I have been in touch with the recorders office and the records do not reflect mine or any of my siblings as owners.

Can anyone offer and advice on the offer and maybe how to go about getting the mineral rights history?

Thank you!

Here’s a link to the Weld County Assessors Property Portal. It provides information about properties in Weld County. You can search by account number, name, address, subdivision, parcel number, or legal description. There’s an option to include oil and gas rights in your search.


Thank you.