Weld Co. oil lease offer

We recieved and offer of 250 per mineral acre, 1/6 royalty, 5 year lease.

for 194 mineral acres in township 11, range 56 of weld co. I have no idea

if this is a fair offer or not. Would like some input from other area rights

owners. Look forward to some response , Gary

I own in 9-56. $500/ac and 3/16 is our offer.

I don’t know much about mineral rights in colorado but based off all the hype about the Niobrara formation and the Jake well located in weld county, I would say that offer is low…either negotiate or just hold out for more

Who is leasing?

Proposal was offered by Contex Energy, landman is Greg Taffe

My best lease offer so far has been $300 per acre with a 3/16th share.

I’m replying several months after your post but I just stumbled on it. I have rights at Twn 11, Range 58 and have an offer from the same gentleman and Contex for $200 per mineral acre, 17% royalty, 5 yr. lease. What did you end up doing, if I may ask? I have been playing a wait & see game to let the activity catch up after last year’s leasing activity and to let more wells get drilled and, hopefully, move closer to my property. If you get this, I would appreciate the information and also from anyone else who may have information. Thanks.