Weld Co. CO Drilling Activity

We are near an active well site, less then 1/2 a mile, which is located near 9N 67W (Nunn, CO). My understanding is the permit was pulled by Rubicon.

Question? I am a mineral right owner. If they drill and hit near us or in my acre location how would I know???

Question? How do I find out or obtain a map of the drilling area? Or can you?

I do have a lease we signed a few years ago… Not a great lease but we are in the process of renegotiating.

Question? If our lease expires and there is a permit in place what happens?


You stated that your minerals are currently under lease so if a well is drilled, completed and production is to begin, you will recieve a Division Order stating your stake in the well and this will be the first step in recieving royalties from the production. You can probably obtain a map of the drilling area via the State Agency that regualates Oil and Gas production in your State. If the lease reaches the expiration date, the terms of the lease would apply, but if the lessee has not started drilling operations, the lease would most likely have to be extended. If drilling has started, the expiration date would probably not apply, again, read the terms of the lease.

You can look at the drilling sites on the Colorado Oil and Gas website.

In answer to your first question: the section (640 acres) your mineral lease is located in will share by percentage of mineral owner rights the minerals drilled anywhere on the section if it is a "Frack" well, which is a horizontal drilling.

What do you mean you are renegotiating a lease? Either you have a lease or you don't.

If your lease expires before it is drilled, you are free to negotiate a new lease with any drilling company. Please notify the old lessee that you are wanting to negotiate and find a new lease agreement with them or another.