Weld 7N 66W 6thPM Sec 1:NW4

I would like to find out if there’s any activity in this area. It was with Synergy and now it’s with Bayswater. we continue to get offers to buy the rights - so we are hoping there is some hope that it will be developed.

thanks much for your time

We can help better if you list the state. Is it Weld County, Colorado?

NW Sec 1 7N 63W.pdf (91.3 KB)

This map shows your minerals in yellow. There are wells within a few miles of you, but they are poor producers and would not have been economically successful. The nearby wells are operated by PDC Energy, and they do have a few more permits to drill nearby, but I have no idea if they have plans to drill any of them. As you get this far north, the reservoir quality declines pretty predictably.