Weird things one may discover in a Title Search

We have spent two years trying to solve the mystery of how we came to inherit a one third mineral interest located in Moffat County, CO. Took more than a year to locate the deed because my father had acquired a 1/3 interest from the original owner of the whole parcel decades ago by way of a Quitclaim Deed that was probated in Saline County, Kansas long ago in the "uranium days." To further complicate, the quitclaim poured this over into a trust for my mother and her 5 siblings with my mother as Trustee (all long dead) - and we were never informed of its existence. Cut to the Chase, when the landman came knocking, it was news to us. Everything the landman told us turned out eventually to be wrong. I'll leave out all the grief and discovery work we did, figured out just about everything, found the deed in Kansas, accounted for 2/3rds, but the last 1/3 remained a mystery. Only recently, The Museum of Northwest Colorado came up.....never heard of it. None of us ever lived in Colorado so couldn't imagine how they were involved. Turns out the son of the original owner of the full interest had donated is 1/3 to the Museum of Northwest Colorado, located in the Moffat County Court complex......right under their nose. Talked with the Museum personally (very helpful), and finally are able to move forward....although with the number of heirs in this generation since all of the original beneficiaries are deceased, is so great that it will be a lot of work for pocket change.....unless it turns out to be a bonanza.