Can we please get the old site back? This one just doesn’t work for me. Is there a site map? Are the Webmasters aware that some of the links just don’t work? How can I communicate directly with participants? Does anyone else agree with me?


Kenny DuBose has explained that he was forced to move to a new site because the web host of the old site had set a termination date for all forums. The new webhost does not enable him to create an identical forum. So he and everyone else have had to migrate to a new format. Kenny has been very responsive to suggestions and requests for improvements to the new forum. It takes a lot of time and work to set up anything on the internet because you are limited to the parameters set up by the webhost. It is like the difference between the old unsupported Internet Explorer and the new Bing or trying to upgrade from your old computer storage for files to a new cloud format. You are just stuck with what Microsoft or Google or Yahoo has set up. For me, the newest data and information is most relevant and so I want to see the latest posts. For newbies, an instructional area with information about how to access various state sites such as RRC and OK Commission, blogs about lease and ROW terms, etc are of importance. This is still the best site for up-to-date information and a great place to ask questions.


I agree Helen. This new forum is to busy and distracting. Although informative most of the time, I like to pick and choose what I discuss. IMO


I thought it was just me getting too old for all this new stuff because i’m seeing the same thing going on everywhere, changing for no good reason and leaving me behind :crazy_face:


I agree. The old site was so easy to use and understand (for those of us that don’t know what we’re doing). I don’t use this one much. Too hard to find what I’m interested in and takes too long to go through everything.