Weak deed

has anyone ever heard of weak deed or title,had a deal with company to sell my minerals in reeves county but they back out after a month.. they claim weak deed title thanks randy

Most likely there is some question in the chain of title to determine exactly what portion of the minerals that your own. Why don't you ask for the particulars so that you can file needed documents to make sure that your title is clear?


Unfortunately, a weak deed / muddled title is quite common. I seriously doubt the buyer will provide you with any particulars, unless you offer to pay some of the expenses incurred to do a title search / abstract your parcel.

I guarantee, in countless West Virginia Counties, the County receives OGM property taxes on more acreage, than acres in the County, because of muddled titles. There is absolutely no motivation for the Counties to correct their books, as long as they receive payment, properly or not.

I agree. If the buyers were serious, they must have some reason for declining, and should tell the owner, unless they are hopelessly complicated and to clear would require more than the minerals are worth.