We need leases in the Eagle Ford

The company I represent needs large mineral leases in Fayett,`Gonzales, Dewitt, and Lavaca counties. Your exact location determines what our company will pay. We currently have app. 20,000 acres leased or committed and need another 20,000 acres. Let’s discuss!

Fred Ewers 254-918-1508

Any interest in Wilson county or is that too far west?

Brad, What area of Wilson and how many net mineral acres?

East of Floresville toward Stockdale - 4000 acres.

North or south of 97? What abstract number?

South of 97, don’t have any abstracts. I have uploaded a confidential map 3050-Wilsoncountyleasemap.docx (7.29 MB)

Brad Beutel said:
South of 97, don't have any abstracts. I have uploaded a confidential map

The Eagle Ford is thin in this area. I am checking with head of leasing.

fred ewers said:

Brad Beutel said:
South of 97, don’t have any abstracts. I have uploaded a confidential map

Please see attached links - http://webhosting.web.com/imagelib/sitebuilder/misc/show_image.html?linkedwidth=actual&linkpath=http://www.oilshalegas.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/eaglefordoil.jpg&target=_self&title=Eagle%20Ford%20Shale%20Oil%20Map


Right in the heart of the oily.

Brad, My # is 254-918-1508.

what about Fayette County -

We are interested in part of Fayette. Where are you located in Fayette and how many net acres? Thank you.

Between Schulenburg and LaGrange…west of Hwy 77 Swiss Alp & Hostyn area… Big group Are you a landman or a driller?

fred ewers said:
We are interested in part of Fayette. Where are you located in Fayette and how many net acres? Thank you.

I am a landman and this appears to be in a good area. Is all the acreage contiguous?

I am a mineral owner in Southern Fayette of about 360 acres. Pretty good size tract for this area. A lot of peoply like myself are now gunshy about signing any leases after the whole Maverick and Blue Lacy Debocle. Omimex seems to be the only Legit company leasing in the area now and the only ones paying with real money and not drafts. So my question to you Mr. Ewers is what company are you representing and are you guys planning to drill (or are you even an operator). I think your chances of getting any leases in Fayette and Lavaca counties will be pretty much impossible now without disclosing your companies name or who exactly you represent. With that being said I think I can speak for a large number of the landowners in these counties now and I can tell you we WILL NOT put up with any more of these fly by night Speculators offering 45 day banking drafts. I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Eric “Hank” Wayneright

i agree Eric we have about 3500 contiguous acreage and maybe 1300 added to it.

Roxann Redding, I represent Emerald Leasing a company that is contracted to locate and negotiate mineral leases with land owners. We have leased over 20,000 acres in the Eagle Ford this year and have never given a draft. The money is paid directly to the mineral owner or is wired to their attorney when all legal work has been completed and proper papers executed. Do you have a map showing the exact boundries that you could email. fewers@embarqmail.com. Cell 254-918-1508.


Congratulations you have never given a draft, and landowners can appreciate that, but what we as landowners are more concerned with is not how much money but WHO are we leasing our land with. We are trying to eliminate the middleman. I represent a large group of mineral owners. Roughly 3,600 acres all contiguous and what we want to know is who is gonna do the drilling/operations, etc. With all do respect, I just couldnt find Emerald Leasing as being permitted to drill in the State of Texas according to the Texas Railroad Commission, which leads me to believe you (Emerald Leasing) are looking to just lease on a mass scale and flip it to an operator for profit or someone who is actually permitted to drill wells in the State of Texas. Am I Right? Because this is what the landowners in this county are trying to avoid. The more work you do in Lavaca/Fayette County you will come to realize that most of the Landowners are going to be leasing with actual operators from now on and not speculators!! So Fred Now I ask you, who exactly does Emeral plan on Selling their leases to???


Eric “Hank” Wayneright

Are you still interested in leasing in Gonzales Co. I have 71 acres. w/possible 120 more.

What is the abstract number so I can locate it on a map? Thanks!