We have some interests in Leon County we are looking to sell

We see that Leon County is quite active when it comes to new drilling, gives us hope.

Does anyone know a good person to work with on obtaining current values and/or maybe buying oil and gas properties in the area. It appears we have a small WI and possible mineral interests w/possible what is one fairly new lease in the area. We took over our holdings as desired by Well's Fargo in 2012, due their not so organized reorganization and are trying to slowly sell off our interests to reinvest in other areas.

As such, we are looking for someone to help us. We believe it is a small RI or WI as we received a tax statement which indicates the interest is worth approximately $14-20K though we have only received one small payment, so could also be a lease w/Statewide Crude out of Leona, Texas.

All offers are welcome.

We also have a large WI in Hockley County on the border of Cochran. A company bought a small section out of my husband's original trust, and Well's Fargo and an attorney are working on a reassignment deed to the purchaser which better defines the properties, and holdings we still have left, I should have that in about a week and a half or so. I will also be placing a posts on the Hockley website - We have been offered $60K by two companies for this WI, it is in the North Leveland section/unit(s) currently held by Chevron (the issue arose only a few months ago when someone pulled the wrong paperwork from the county, to the best of our knowledge there is no income impacted related to this issue.) We owe about $2K due to having been paid while operating costs acquired during the closing and after having received a few checks of over $2,000/month from Chevron during that time. We have paid a great deal back by having them net our pay over the last several months, and really need the money from sell at this point and time. just FYI.

Once I return home, I will start listing the mineral rights which we have to sell on each related forum as well.

If interested in any of these holdings, please let us know and we will provide information on how to look up our holdings in the county records to ascertain value and an offer.

If you are in either of these areas or know anyone who might be interested in buying property ASAP, please let us know.

Feel free to contact me at skyspirit45@hotmail.com, I'll be checking back here on the forum for responses as well.

Have a great Monday, Happy Spring - looks like it may have finally come to DFW, we live in Northern California (both of us being from Texas, myself from Fort Worth, my husband from Littlefield near Lubbock, but here after helping my son's wedding - can meet w/folks in DFW through end May but hoping to sell in next few weeks. I have a copy of the Leon transfer deed, as well as the history file associated with same here with me now as well as the Hockley information (minus the legal instrument which will better define the one holding sold out of the Trust in 2006 -I also have the original documents relating to that sale.)


Sharla S.