Wayne or Purcell lawyer recomendation?

My father owned 3.33 acres of Mineral Rights in 17 1E 5N. When my parents passed away, they had everything in their trust to be divided between my sister and me except this piece of Mineral Rights that was in his name only. I think he just forgot about it.

Three times in the past, the Mineral Rights have been pooled and the monies from the lease wound up in the Oklahoma Unclaimed Fund. I have been able to successfully obtain the funds by supplying the needed paperwork.

I hired a Landman to help us verify that the MR were in his name and find a correct description of the property. He did that for us.

We would like to have these Mineral Rights legally split between the two of us and put into our names.

Can anyone recommend a lawyer in Wayne or Purcell who could handle this task for us?

Thanks Todd, Ill call next week

The lawyer is drawing up the trust should have drawn up a will to cover any of the assets Not identified And possibly overlooked in the trust agreement. I hope the Landman filed a document stating you and your sister are the predecessors to your father’s interest and giving your contact information. You should also contemplate the possibility that your father purchased other mineral interests Unless this appears to be an isolated incident.
In doing title over the years it’s not an uncommon situation for a family member to have mineral interests that no one knows about and perhaps the family member has or had even forgotten. It’s important to keep your address information current and filed in the County clerks office under the legal description in the county where the minerals are located.

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We had a trust and wills from both of our parents covering items not listed in the trust. I’m think this is the only item that was left out of the trust. My parents did not invest in Mineral Rights, only inherited them from their parents. Thank you all.