Watkins 1H-9X Sections 9 & 16-6N-4W

Any WI owners in section 9 or 16 know what the production is on Newfield's new horizontal well, Watkins 1H-9X, in 6N-4W? First production was in early March but the completion report has not been filed.

No report on this well yet.

Newfield has filed the completion which leads me to another question. The choke size is 14. Normally I see choke sizes in 64ths, ie. 34/64. The well test indicated it was flowing at 458 bbl/day. Can anyone tell me what the size 14 means relative to a size in 64ths? If it is 14/64 that would be great since it would be pinched back about 78%.

The choke is set at 14/64 when the form 1002A says 14.

Woodford 458 barrels/day o44.3 API gravity, 104MCF/day. Shut-in pressure 800.

Just leased 12 acres in 35-6N-4W to an agent for Newfield for $1,100, 1/5th, 3 year with rider that we pay no cost of transportation, etc. Agent is named Zerksie 918-932-7345 who seems to be in a hurry to get us to sign leases. We got an offer for $750, 3/16, 3 year 2 weeks ago which we declined.