Water wells

I have producing wells in howard county, I have been contacted by someone who is interested in drilling for water to be used for fracking. Ilive on the Gulf Coast and i am not able to travel to Howard County. Is there someone in this group that would be know something about this?

Thank you for any information.

A frac requires a lot of water and can use a combination of fresh and produced water. You need to have a written contract for sale of water, based on a per barrel price. Look at University Lands, Rate and Damage Schedule to see a current rate. Contract needs to specify well requirements including meter on every water well and monthly reports to you of volumes produced from each well. Water use will vary, depending on number and frequency of frac jobs. Is this an oil company limiting to its own use or someone who wants to operate a commercial operation and sell the water to third parties? Your contract needs to contain indemnification language to protect you in case of inuries, damages, claims etc. Do you want to limit number of wells? Can be very remunerative. Ask a lot of questions and for a contract to be reviewed by your attorney.

I have owned frack water stations/pits and SWDW (salt water disposal well) in the Permian.

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Are you referring to Howard County, MD? There is currently legislation here to prohibit fracking anywhere in the state.

That will be an interesting debate!

The wells are in Howard County, Texas. Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for your reply. I am waiting for the paperwork.

I am waiting for the paperwork. Thank you for the information.

XTO called me on the phone to ask permission to "take" water from my back tank for fracking a well that was on a neighbor's property across my back fence line. I immediately said that I did not want strangers on my land and that I preferred to keep my water. XTO came back and asked if I would let them drill a water well and they would pay me for taking my water. Being aware of the potential risks and damages that this would present to my land, water, and me ... I declined!

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I am inclined agree with you. Thank you for your reply.