Water Subcontractor Trespassing

Water sub contractor ran a 12 inch line across the back of my property without my permission, what can I do legally to be compensated for this or make them move the line?

Hi Unbreakable -

Unless there is some quirk in Oklahoma law that allows the Mineral Rights Owner(s) to give them permission or they obtained permission through the terms of the lease, then I would say yes - you are owed compensation for their trespassing across your land.

You can probably get compensated for any damages and for loss of future use of your lands.

Just out of curiosity, is it a temporary line, laying on the surface or is is buried?

Either way, it sounds to me like it's time for you to Lawyer Up. I would suggest an experienced Oil and Gas Attorney. The would likely be more familiar with this type of issue than another Attorney.

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

It's a temporary line. I plan to discuss this with all parties (including Devon) to reach a suitable solution, thank you for the advice.

Devon is a really good company. White Hat kind of people. I'm sure it's just a foul up. Hope it doesn't cost somebody their job!

I would seize it as my property. I would not allow them to remove or use it.

Dear Unbreakable,

If you are the mineral owner, and signed a lease, the lease may contain pipeline (P/L) provisions and whatever the lease says ... goes! It's too late to negotiate. These operators are sneaky about "sliding" in P/L provisions without negotiating a separate pipeline easement.

If you are only the surface owner, and the mineral owner signed a leased with pipeline provisions, as the surface owner you "may" be able to negotiate some sort of damages. This will depend on how "giving" the operator wants to be or is.

If there are NO signed leases on this land, then like Charles says, "it's time to lawyer up."

Good luck,