Water Sales

Anyone selling water to oil companeis for drilling and fracking purposes? I'm interested to hear what rates you are getting if you are willing to share. Thanks.


If the oil company has a lease on property they can drill a water well and use the water for the purpose of drilling and fracking, FREE! However if they want to use the water off site to another well drilling location they would be required to pay you for the water, Per Barrel but only if you negotiate this into the water agreement, a seperate agreement from the primary lease.

In April 2011 operations people with oil companies in W. Texas were paying from $.25 to $.50 per barrel for water, depending on the location and logistical issues. I know of one rancher who was getting $.60 per barrel for water but he is a tough negotiator. He made it easy for the companies to access the water 24 hours a day. This information came from my research working on our property and water usuage.

FYI, there is 3-D geophysical Survey activity in Ward county with geophysical companies doing sesimic work and paying about $17.00 per acre to access property.

Hope this helps.

Mike East

Mr. East, if I understand correctly water rights belong to the surface and are not part of the mineral estate and need not be part of an oil and gas lease if they are. I would not sign a lease that included free rights to my water, free right to run a pipeline across my property thus lowering it's value or free right to use my surface. I feel I should no more provide free water than that I should provide frack sand for the well, it's just the lessee seeking free stuff.

Use of water on the leased premises is negotiable in an O&G lease in Texas.