Water sales for Frac Jobs

What is water worth for frac jobs at the present from local landowners?


I believe that the $/bbl for water depends on the area where you are located. I have read on previous posts an amount of 5 cents/bbl but I don't remember what area of country this occured. You might check with other local landowners in regards with what they are recieving for their water.

My reply from an earlier thread:

In LaSalle County: thirty cents ($0.30) per 42 gallon (metered) barrel if they drill the well and provide all equipment and power to pump the water, or fifty cents ($0.50) per 42 gallon (metered) barrel if pumped from your existing well powered by you. If the county where the water well is located has an underground water conservation district, check with them first to find out if there are any restrictions on the quantity you can pump and sell. Water is precious and the operator has to get it somewhere to frac these wells.

Good luck.