Water, gas, oil use clause on helium lease?

There is a clause on my helium lease offer in Las Animas County Colorado that states “Lessee shall have the right to use, free of cost, gas, oil and water produced on said land for its operation thereon, except water from wells and reservoirs of lessor.” Does this refer to unlimited use of fresh water? Do I need to negotiate on this clause?

Personally, I would strike that clause for a variety of reasons, but I would also get an attorney to look at the lease because the other clauses are very important and may have ramifications for decades to come.

Thank you for your advice! Do you happen to know a lawyer who would deal with a helium lease that is located in Las Animas County Colorado? I live in Loveland though.

You could search the Bar Association in CO and see if anyone is a specialist. I have no knowledge of the area.

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