Water booster pump station

A company recently approached myself and other landowners around me to put a buried water line across our properties. It would go from the river to a gas we’ll. For fracking I assume. The river where they plan to pump the water from is only a couple hundred yards from my property. Fast forward a couple weeks the same company that initially contacted me about the water line wants to put a water booster station on our property. The building would be 100’x60’ 6000 square feet. I guess it’s to put pressure on the line to get the water to the well pad. Their initial financial offer seems low, for a building of that size and importance. Does anyone have any experience with this? If so any and all information is greatly appreciated

Before I can, intelligently, post an answer, please describe this piece of property the water line will be going through/under. Like, is it right outside your back door, does it have crops growing on it, or is it "out there" in the middle of nothing and you won't care if they and their contractors go across your land anytime?

Of course, you know that they will have you sign an easement/ROW agreement that will be valid FOREVER. This easement will devalue your property. There are many negatives to this so don't let the $$ sway you because this could have future negative value for you and your land.

I have a lot of experience (bad) with a water line going across my land and with the company who put it there.

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Pat, the property is just a field where they are interested in putting the facility. We don’t have a home or anything on it. they’re looking to put a driveway from the main road to the pump building, and their desired location for it is very close to the main road. As far as the water line goes it would run right beside the main road. (Which we have no issue with) they’re paying the average per foot price on the water line. (Also not an issue) Getting back to the pump facility They want to do a 10 year lease for 100,000$. Then at the end of the 10 year lease they would either sign another 10 year lease for another 100,000 or give us the building and wash their hands of it. I guess a real question I have is how far away from the river can they put this pump building? They can’t really go any closer than our property to the river, and after our property the only semi suitable location close is right in someone’s front yard to their house. If we knew if there was a maximum distance they could go from the river before having to have this pump facility it may work in our favor for bargaining. Any information is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

"I guess a real question I have is how far away from the river can they put this pump building?"

I do not know.

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