Water booster pump station for well fracking

A company recently approached myself and other landowners around me to put a buried water line across our properties. It would go from the river to a gas well. For fracking I assume. The river where they plan to pump the water from is only a couple hundred yards from my property. Fast forward a couple weeks the same company that initially contacted me about the water line wants to put a water booster station on our property. The building would be 100’x60’ 6000 square feet. I guess it’s to put pressure on the line to get the water to the well pad. Their initial financial offer seems low, for a building of that size and importance. Does anyone have any experience with this? If so any and all information is greatly appreciated.

Is there a lease for the property, access path, road etc., disruption to your land business activities & use liability and insurance plus coverage for damage and acts of vandalism (eco-terror). all these should be included. Definitely get a lawyer familiar with such transactions to go over any agreement