Watching All Posts


Is there any way for me to be able to follow all the posts, without having to make sure that I click the “watch” button.

I am new to the forum, and VERY new to mineral rights, so I figure that reading all the posts, and comments could come in handy.


I am new and dumb as well, what I do is click on the three lines up by the magnifying glass, then click on “latest”. That lets me keep up with what has been posted since I last looked, is working well for me.


You are brilliant Don… Silly me hadn’t even realized that feature was there… So much to learn about mineral rights, and this forum.


Glad to help! This has been extremely valuable to me as well. My only complaints are that there does not seem to be enough people willing to answer silly questions, and it seems to be a NON New Mexico forum, all my mineral rights are in New Mexico, I have gotten the idea that perhaps there is another forum somewhere for New Mexico, but if there is I cannot find it…


There is

Go to county the county index from the home screen
Select New Mexico and/or some of the county subforums.
Likely you will to add them to your notification area. The “round button” next to the next to the green “New Topic” will allow that.
Same on the subforums. That button is also available on individual threads and topics.


“My only complaints are that there does not seem to be enough people willing to answer silly questions”

Have you tried using the search function?
Most of the “silly”, “simple”, or “common” questions have been asked several times before. Because of the search function, you can search on “New Mexico pooling” for instance and get quite a bit of information to read on the subject. Even if the message thread is long, it will usually place you in the area where the subject came up.

I wish I could reply more. Time gets in the way. As much as I enjoy helping others, I have to focus on other responsibilities.


If you do as you suggested, you will see that I am about the only activity in Chaves and Lea Counties, which was what made me make that comment about no NM activity. Look over at the dates of last posts, and it would appear as almost dead! I have no idea why this is the case. Also if you read down the main discussion column of areas, it is Texas, Oklahoma and a few others, rarely New Mexico.
I must fess up that I did not have much luck with the search function, mostly because when I first came onboard I was so stupid about terms, I was not an effective searcher. I will vow to rectify that now that I can speak a little of the language.


Wow, that “round button” hint opened up a whole new area. Now I just have to figure out what each button under that actually does for me.
Thanks for that hint!


There are just less mineral owners that are active in New Mexico. By far you will find there are more involved owners in Oklahoma and Texas no matter where you are looking. I think part of it is because of historic population. TX is bigger and the population is 10X of NM. Oklahoma has longer history of development and 2X the population. Mineral rights have been being divided much longer. More owners but less net mineral acres per owner.


Yes, The button makes a difference!


I, too was going to mention that Texas and Oklahoma have possibly been in the business of mineral rights longer…

I do know without a doubt that you will find someone, or more than 1 to answer your silly questions. I would not know what to do without the help of some of these people.


Don, I’ve noticed posting to the Reeves county group provides the widest audience. Many questions related to the Permian are broad enough to still be relevant to that county. You may want to consider that when deciding where to post. Hope that hopes.


@DonFromTexas don’t forget, clicking on your avatar (the round green dot with the “D” in it, then clicking on the gear underneath will show you lots of new worlds of things you can control.


Hey, yet another new world! Thanks.


Lots of federal acreage in New Mexico so less private mineral owners. That is one reason you see fewer folks. And the private ones have larger acreage positions instead of many folks with tiny acres.


The search function (the spy glass icon in the upper right of the screen) is very powerful and quite sophisticated. There is even an Advanced section that allows filtering on various elements. When you’ve got something on your mind, the best thing to do first is to think through the actual key phrases that are reltated to your need, and then search for that/those key phrases in order to see what is already here on the site.


How can I set the preference to only normal so that I do not constantly receive emails. I would like to see the most recent posts overall, but not to have any classified as watching which result in multiple email notices. The notifications show that if you opt for never, then you will not see the recent posts at all. Thank you.


@TennisDaze thanks for your question. We’ll be back to you on this.