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Anyone know of any activity in 10N 18W?

I haven't seen any recent activity there. All my records indicte is that there was a completion in Sec. 2, and that would have been last year, I don't have the date, but it would have been sometime between June and December. A quick check with the court house can confirm that, if need be.


Just found it Roy. Chesapeake completed the well on 12/21/2010. Hope this helps.

Thanks! Would you know a website that would show Okla land by counties sections and surveys?

I don’t know of a web site, and I have looked. Maps are available from the Washita county court house that lists Township/Range/Section. I paid them a visit this past May and the staff was most helpful.

Thanks–I appreciate that-I’m not familiar with Oklahoma.

Here's a map that should give you what you want. You can click on any township and drill down to a more detailed map. This site is good for any Oklahoma county, BTW. This particular link shows Washita County:


Thank you so much-- I have other counties to look at. I have been looking for a website for a long time. Thanks so much.

Has anyone received any recent lease proposals in Washita Co? We just got one and were trying to figure what the going rates are right now. Thanks. MK

I see chesapeake is going to drill in 10-11-18, understand they are drilling now 2 wells in section 11-11-18 too. Anyone can confirm this? I have 60ac there but live out of state now.

Yes Ron my name is Colin Snider I live in section 33 – 11 – 18 when I get home tonight I will drive up to section 10,it is just a few miles north of my house and I will look for you and I will comment back here in a couple days.

Thanks! Is section 11 right next to it, i think chesapeake is also drilling 2 right now?

Ron Collin Snider I drove up to section 10 11 18 last night and did not see no wells locations on 10 11 18 but to the south of that in 15 11 18 there was three locations I don’t know if they are drilling to the north underneath section 10 or not but I will try to find out and see what’s going on if I find out anything I will let you know .

Thanks very much! I was told next to 10 they are drilling 2 wells now on 11.

I did not see any rigs in section 11 but to the south of that in section 14 there are two rigs drilling right now so I don’t know if they’re coming to section 10 after that or not but it probably won’t be too long.

Really am thankful you took a look see! I saw in okc paper on line their intect to drill in 10 and 11… thanks

Ron another good way to find out what is going on is go to the Oklahoma Corporation commission oil and gas it’s a little hard to navigate but if you have some time you can find out a lot about permits and everything else related to the oil field if you have some time to play with it you might check that out .

If you ever need to reach me Ron on my cell phone is area code 580-515-0014 if you ever need anything I will try to help you out I live in Township 11-18 so Feel free to call me anytime if you have any questions thanks.