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Eagle Ford Rig Count as of July 8-
The Eagle Ford Shale rig count remained flat at 222 active drilling
rigs. The gas rig count remained at 111 rigs drilling, while the oil rig
count was unchanged at 110 active rigs. One rig in La Salle County is
drilling an injection well. Horizontal rigs account for 201 of the 222
rigs drilling in the South Texas region.

With oil prices hovering around $100 per barrel don’t expect the rig
count to back off any time soon. Stay tuned each week for an update on
the South Texas rig count.


Rig count updated each Friday regarding the Eagle Ford here: http://www.eaglefordshale.com/rig-count/

Our place is near the intersection of 2502 and 389. Anyone aware of activity close by?


Is there any leasing-drilling-production info in the Chappell Hill to Navasota area?

There are several websites where you can get information about current leases operating in Washington County. Simply search using those parameters, "oil and gas leases Washington County Texas". You will discover the most productive areas have been to the northwest, north, and northeast of Brenham. There has been some gas production south and southwest of Brenham. It appears most production is north and northwest of Hwy 105. All this is because the most productive part of the Eagle Ford appears to be to our north, northwest, and southwest. The gas condensate runs through south and southeast portions of the county. The Eagle Ford clay is said to be more dense in Washington County and thus making it less profitable to produce. That is why most companies recently leasing here have been producing the Austin Chalk. Some companies have begun producing the gas condensate areas but that is mostly in the lower south and southwest counties. Lower gas prices have seen decline in production and thus in leasing. There is a well still producing just north of our place in southwest Washington County that has been producing since the 70s. So, there is lots of gas but the Eagle Ford oil producing wells appear to be north of Burton and north of Brenham. Our Austin Chalk lease ran out a few years ago. The two year option was not renewed. I haven't heard of any other leasing here in the western edge of Washington County. Some believe we need an administration that will lower import of natural gas to spur more export and local gas production.

We are just about equal distance between Burton and Brenham on the south side of 290. Our land is included in a gas unit that has been producing for +/- 20 years. Looks like we missed the Eagleford by just a few short miles. Oh well, can’t win them all! At least we have the Austin Chalk holding its own but with no condensate. Missed that boat too.

Thank you Don. From Maps that outline the EFS, it appears that the condensate line (between oil & gas Production) runs from Chappell Hill to Navasota. Is that correct anyone?

A couple of years ago someone shot seismic across my mom's land in Washington County. She can't find the paperwork on it. If someone else had a shoot done on their property, do you remember who the company was?


In 2011-12 Tidelands Geophysical did a large 3D seismic shoot covering the west side of Washington County from Brenham to a few miles west of Burton. The primary client was Kriti Exploration.

Thank you, Dusty. Exactly what I was looking for!

If anyone still looks at this group I'd be interested in anything you can share regarding the well GeoSouthern is drilling just north of Burton. Has to be the first horizontal activity in Washington County in two years...at least since prices went south. What they are calling the Fowler IH was permitted last November and they finished the pad a couple of months later but nothing more happened until a big rig recently showed up. They have lots of other acreage to chose from and this is only a couple of miles from where SM Energy got poor returns from their Broiller well so it's hard to understand GeoSouthern's motivation.

Just got an offer for lease from GeoSouthern on 104 acres @ 250/acre, 1/5 royalty. Anyone else seeing activity in Southwestern Washington County, TX?

Just got a counter offer $275 per net mineral acre, 1/5 royalty. This is two miles South of Burton off 237. Probably 4-5 miles, as crow flies, from current GeoSouthern Well being drilled outside Burton.

Geosouthern recorded leases last month in the area east of 290 on both sides of FM 2502...Outlaw, McIntyre, Borden, Fletcher, Longstreet, Holt and Crawford Surveys.

If you are in the area you probably saw their rig north of Burton came down last weekend. Hopefully a completion rig will follow.

Everyone leased around me to GeoSouthern. They are now considering us. Their first offer was 250/acre and 1/5. Was offered on the phone by an independent at $650/acre bonus and 22% royalty. Haven't seen it in writing yet. Have one other company that has called me and said they could at least match the offer by the independent. They had sent me a letter in the mail from an Oklahoma office. Would love to hear others getting offers in Washington County for leases.


By "Independent" are you saying a landman that won't say who he is representing?

In last couple of months GeoSouthern has recorded the largest number of WC leases, by far, followed by Equisto. GS's have mainly been South/East of Burton from the Washington/Fayette Co. line over as far as Gay Hill, and Equisto's mostly on the other side of 290 extending toward FM1697. Wild Horse Resources/Esquisto just started drilling on Oevermann Road west of 290 on a location SM Energy had built there 2+ years ago.

Verdun has also made offers but so far hasn't recorded any leases.

$400 was highest bonus I'd know about but heard recently $1,000/acre was offered in Greenvine area. Don't know the company and may just be smoke.


The independent is San Carlos. I think they are out of Corpus. Landman lives in Sugar Land. Blackbush is the company offering 1000/acre to a neighbor south of me. My lane actually starts out in Fayette County but ends at my house in Washington County. Our land is southwestern edge of Washington County. Lots of activity and interest out here right now.

That may be Blackbrush instead of Blackbush.


Thanks. Real interesting. Hope others might join in with some information but you and I may be the only ones left here.

Don't know anything about San Carlos. There is a Blackbrush Oil & Gas that has a pretty good track record drilling Eagleford/Austin Chalk wells in South Texas and is part of a public company called Ares Management that puts together LP funds that have lots of money to invest. I'd thought those rumors probably related to some small leasing outfit trying to jump into Geosouthern's block hoping to flip at a profit, but if that's who is offering $1,000/acre this might get serious. So far it looked like Geosouthern and Wild Horse/Esquisto were staying out of each others way but if two real players get focused on the same area it will be interesting.

The rumor I'd heard was that $1,000 was being offered in the Willow Springs/Greenvine area which seemed strange since SM Energy drilled those two deep expensive wells right there a few years ago that seemed to have turned out badly.