Was told trinity has stopped drilling

Has anyone else heard trinity has quit drilling in Hughes. ??? Or are they just operating at enough to keep wells active???

HOLY COW!..better not stop drilling. Why? Because Trinity got OCC approval for a years extension to drill on DORA 2 & 3. Dora I & Dora 4 & 5 are still producing. I currently receive Royalties on I, 4 & 5. TALK TO ME-----SOMEONE and tell me definitively if TRINITY has stopped drilling

M Barnes will know! Talk to us M Barnes----please Leta C. MONTANA (Big Sky and Grizzly Bear Country).

I do not know. Only Trinity knows their plans. Money is very tight right now for many companies. It is the end of the budget year and capital constraints are important for most. They have to operate within their cash flows as credit is not as generous as in past times. Time will tell. Also, companies have over drilled some sections in the past, so many are less inclined to drill extra wells if the wells they have are producing optimally. So extra wells may not be a good thing if they damage the reservoir. Any number of factors can cause a company to pull back from drilling for a while.

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